From Sand To Eternity


Rock of Angels Records / Total Runtime 58 minutes

Released: 2015

Album Description

Released November 6th by Rock of Angels Records.
Recorded mixed & Mastered by Stelios Stelth Koslidis at Stelthsound Studios, Thessaloniki Greece.
Album art and inlays by Jim Evgenidis (Icon Filmworx).


Judgement Bell
Beginning of the End
Kill the Sun
Blessed Are Those  (From Sand to Eternity Pt.I /  Feat. Harry Noctifer & Kosta Vreto)
Desert's Bride  (From Sand to Eternity Pt.II /  Feat. Harry Noctifer)
Oblivion  (From Sand to Eternity Pt.III /  Feat. Harry Noctifer)
Empire of the Sun  (From Sand to Eternity Pt.IV)
If a Soul is Not Free
Enchanted Grace  (Feat. Elizabeth Mari)
Life Itself  (Feat. Kosta Vreto)