The day all began...

Forbidden Seed was born in the mind of Constantin Maris, a restless kid who grew up dreaming of writing and performing the music that he loved, about 10 years ago. The band kick started as a solo project, a vessel for Constantin to express his passion for the 90s' American Power Metal scene and a way to use the material he wrote for his other bands that didn’t make “the cut”. With the catalytic help of his good friend and musician Nik Rock, who actually is Forbidden Seed's godfather since he was the one who came up with the band’s name, Constantin composed the band’s first material

Over the years of non-stop work on songwriting, sound and the band’s music direction, enough material was written for the project to see the “light of day”.But due to several misfortunes, Forbidden Seed failed to release an album. The time had come for some changes and it was during the winter of 2013 that Constantin decided to gather some good friends and former bandmates in order to make Forbidden Seed an actual band. Soon after Nik Danielos (Bass) and Mike Verros (session Drums) joined forces in the summer of the same year, they entered the studio, recording the band’s first album “From Sand to Eternity '' with Constantin both on rhythm guitars and vocals.

With George Matikas’ contribution on the lead guitars, the band released its first official album under the label of Rock of Angels Records on November 6, 2015. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stelios Koslidis at Stelth Sound Studios Greece and “dressed” with the amazing cover and inlays of Jim Evgenidis (Icon Filmworx). Guest appearances are also featured of the amazing Kosta Vreto (Wardrum) and Harry “Noctifer '' Albanis (Regent).

The first live performance was at “Rock on the Beach Festival”, sharing the stage with Redrum and Bonfire among others. A very special day for Forbidden Seed that could not have been achieved without the help of a great friend Dimitris Goutziamanis who filled in Constantin's place on the guitar. “From Sand to Eternity” was very well accepted by both domestic and overseas press with excellent ratings.

The year that followed, the band took a small break to deal with some personal and business matters due to the rising economic crisis in Greece. After some lineup changes, Forbidden Seed gave the first live show in Athens at the “Under The Quarry Metal Festival” having Kostas Matis on the drums and the great Athan “Lyssa” Kazakis taking over Constantin's place on the guitar, both as full time members. On January 2nd 2017 ,the band entered the studio again to record its second album entitled “The Grand Masquerade”

The band took its sound a step forward to heavier and darker paths, without losing the melodic elements of “From Sand to Eternity”. For the albums production, Forbidden Seed joined forces with Kosta Vreto (Wardrum). Kosta was a key element for the band's sound, composing and arranging all the choirs and acoustic guitars to “The Grand Masquerade”, besides producing it. After a small break from the studio, due to some live performances, the band splitted music ways with Athan in friendly terms. Athan's contribution to the band was inspiring and more than important for over a year

Focusing again to the new album, the band finished the production of “The Grand Masquerade” the summer of the same year. The result was 14 powerful songs, filled with melodic and orchestral elements combined with today's Heavy Metal sound. Once again, the albums orchestral Intro and “Siege of the Fallen” orchestral prelude was composed and arranged by Sezar Ismail. The album also featured guest appearances by Kosta Vreto (Wardrum), Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast in Black), Alexandros Papandreou (Desert Near the End), Sverd T. Soth (Among Ruins,Battleroar) and the ethereal Elizabeth Mari.

For the release of “The Grand Masquerade”, Forbidden Seed inked a deal with Steel Gallery Records. “The Grand Masquerade” was finally released on March 9th 2018 with excellent ratings worldwide, taking the band a huge step forward both in sound and in reviews. In the aftermath of “The Grand Masquerade” release, the band parted ways with guitarist George Matikas due to work and schedule difficulties. For the following live shows the band worked with Geo Strife (Orion's Reign) as a session guitar player.

The band spended the next year promoting “The Grand Masquerade”, playing again at “Under the Quarry Festival IV” in Athens with Sunburst, Until Rain, Art Of Simplicity and Desert Near The End, the 7th of September 2019, among other gigs. Two month later, Forbidden Seed entered the studio once more to record their third album. The band's final show was at their home town Thessaloniki, January 11th 2020, supporting Diviner. With plans to finish the new albums production until the spring of the same year, the band unfortunately put everything on hold due to the corona pandemic. With the whole world in lockdown, everyone took the time to deal and try to get through the difficulties Covid-19 caused to every aspect of our lives. Fast forward to early 2021, the band slowly started working again on the new album. With the recordings now split between Athens/Thessaloniki and Cyprus and lasting almost one year, the band finished “On Feathered Wings, Shadow of the Crow Pt.1” December of the same year.

“On Feathered Wings, Shadow of the Crow Pt.1” is the band's first full concept album, which is inspired and based on 1989s comic book “The Crow” and the 1994 movie adaptation of the same name. The album consists of 16 new tracks and takes the band's style and sound even further, showing a slightly different face of the band’s music, bringing forth elements of the band’s sound still unexploited. For the first time, all the songs feature full orchestral arrangements, something that added a more theatrical vibe and atmosphere to the songs.Once again, Kosta Vreto was responsible for the album’s mix and master and also for all the orchestral arrangements, with both him and Constantin producing the album this time. For the album cover Forbidden Seed worked with Jim Evgenidis (Icon Filmworx) again, who also did both of the band’s previous album covers and layouts. “On Feathered Wings, Shadow of the Crow Pt.1” was released by Steel Gallery Records late January 2022.